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Identity theft is a significant issue affecting many Americans today. This article will highlight the issue and create awareness, acquaint you with practical suggestions designed to avoid many of the most common traps of identity fraud, and present you with specific steps to take in the event of an identity fraud incident.

Our Lifestyle. Legacy. Philanthropy.® process helps clients create not just a traditional financial and investment strategy, but a family wealth creation, preservation, and transfer plan spanning 100 years and multiple generations.

Congress has been hard at work determining which tax laws will be established for the 2015 year. Their final product: The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015. The act made many “Tax Extenders” permanent, allowing for some consistency in tax planning into future years.

You may have heard with the recent passing of the 2015 Bipartisan Budget Act, the federal government has made some changes that may affect the way you can take your Social Security retirement benefits.

Successful families have been able to unite themselves in a common purpose and vision for the future. A great way to initiate this important process is with formalized family meetings.