Investment Design

Risk-managed portfolio construction.

Our portfolio construction and implementation process focuses on risk management and utilizes many of the concepts and strategies employed by large university and organizational endowments.

Broad Diversification

Our focus is on getting the asset allocation and underlying themes correct. We deploy your investments across a broad cross section of asset classes using traditional stocks and bonds and enhanced with meaningful exposure to hard assets and alternative investments.

Wealth Preservation

Generating absolute returns, not returns relative to a traditional market index is primary to long-term portfolio success. Our goal is to achieve your goals with a much narrower range of returns year in and year out. Consistency and progress towards goals is paramount.

Independent, Unbiased Open Architecture

Covenant is independent in its choice of investment managers, receiving nothing from any managers and using some of the world’s best third-party managers. We typically work with managers who invest their own money in their strategies and are compensated for their performance, not their ability to successfully market their product.

Disciplined, Risk Managed Process

Covenant is both a risk manager and an investment manager. The two functions are distinct and produce different constraints on portfolios. We spend quality time on each function, being critical of both what we are paying for and from whom we are buying.