Lifestyle. Legacy. Philanthropy.®

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Creating Richer Lives

Unburdening you and your family from the daily cares of financial management is what Covenant does every day so that you can pursue your passions and interests. At Covenant, you’ll have a team of skilled, multidisciplinary financial advisors driven by an honest passion, deep experience, and an ongoing commitment to helping you achieve your life goals.

What We Do For You

Solutions for every phase of your financial journey

We provide highly personalized counsel and an integrated suite of financial management services so that our clients can maintain their lifestyles, nurture the next generation, and make their personal mark in the community.

Why Choose Us

Our Process

We use our unique Lifestyle. Legacy. Philanthropy.® process to help you define your life goals, determine how best to achieve them, and to implement highly personalized strategies to help you create a richer life. View our roadmap to understand more of how we accomplish these goals.

Our Culture

Our unique culture and core values are what set us apart. At Covenant, we strive to humbly provide insightful advice that addresses the greatest needs of our clients. Possessing a positive attitude and a grateful heart, we view our clients as friends and place their best interests before our own.

Our Delivery

We deliver more than just words… We work hard to deliver our clients detailed and actionable plans to achieve their life goals. In an industry filled with empty promises, we hope you will give us a chance to show you that we really do what we say we will do.

Our Clients

Areas of focus in which we’ve developed expertise

Business Owners

Corporate Executives

Need advice in understanding company’s complex compensation packages

Business Owners

Business Owners

Need a risk management plan that protects what has been achieved with hard work

Business Owners


Require support in understanding the complexities created in prior planning