In our experience, despite all the consultants and attorneys and other advisors that work in the owners’ orbit, few, if any, focus on the financial planning needs of the owner and their c-suite team – needs which are often quite different than the needs of the company and business.

Business Owners

Given our depth of expertise, we can empathize with the pressures business owners face and look for every opportunity we can find to take some of that weight off their shoulders. We help them save time and simplify their financial lives so that they can enjoy their precious free time with loved ones.

At Covenant, we:​

  • look for ways that business owners can reduce their taxes by correctly and fully using the right retirement planning accounts and various structures while they own and operate the business.
  • ask owners key questions around their succession and exit plans to ensure that their financial planning proactively addresses both these key areas (if done too late, big tax-saving opportunities can be lost).
  • explore ways to help clients in their business by connecting them with third-party experts to address key issues around hiring key employees, retention, employee benefits, 401-K plans, etc.
  • support owners during sale or merger negotiations, to ensure that issues that could impact their personal financial plan are vetted and discussed so that the owner can address them before it is too late.
  • also work with owners to protect their assets, structure their legacy giving plans and help them identify the best ways to execute their philanthropic goals and objectives.