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Using Trusts As Beneficiaries

On this episode, Karl welcomes guest David Akright, CFP®, CHFC® to the show.  David gives listeners some helpful tips and things to consider when designating beneficiaries on retirement accounts.  Also, David explains when to use a trust as a beneficiary.

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Your Mind And Your Money (Audio Podcast)

On this week’s podcast, Karl welcomes Dr. W. Lee Warren. He’s a brain surgeon, a veteran, a writer, a podcaster, and an inventor. Karl & Dr. Warren discuss how our minds affect our investing decisions and how to prevent our brains from becoming a deterrent.

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Planning Techniques For The Current Environment (Audio Podcast)

On this week’s show, Karl is joined by John Eadie, the Founder and Managing Director of Covenant.  John is a CPA, CFA, CFP®, PFS, CLU®, CIMA, & CKA®.  John gives the listeners some financial planning tips and techniques in the current environment.

Plus, Karl discusses the best week in the stock market since 1974.

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