Decoding Wine Labels

Jan 28, 2021 | Lifestyle

There is an extreme dichotomy between the drinking of wine & the understanding of wine. That first taste of a new wine which elicits that “Wow! what is this?” reaction results in an esoteric discussion of varietals, regions, winery, producer, winemaker, vineyard, old/new growth, oak/unoaked, vintages, cork/cap, importers, blends, cellaring, provenance, early/late harvest, meritage, noble grapes, legs, bouquet, finish, maceration, estate grown, etc. truly a rabbit hole of factors with infinite variability. For those aspiring oenophiles not blessed with a photographic memory, I recommend a free app available for Apple or Android called “Vivino”.


The app requires no input of label information…while dining simply take a quick picture of the label & within seconds you are shown all the details of that wine. Rate the wine with 1 to 5 stars & that experience has now been saved for you to reference forever. The app is also perfect for use in the wine aisle because it often provides benchmark pricing (is that really a great deal). When you buy new bottles simply note the quantity in the app & it will maintain your past & present cellar inventory. Vivino is perfect for pairing food & wine. I just checked my app & currently I’ve used the app on 1,037 different wines organizing/archiving them and certainly assisting me in creating a richer life

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